All Wheel Drive:

All Wheel drive refers to vehicles have the potential to provide power to all its wheels. When it comes to the provision of power to the wheels can either take the form of full time or when on demand. Consequently, this kind of vehicles is mighty and they give a perfect job when in practice.

All Wheel Drive
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How the All-Wheel Drive Works:

In the past few years, there have been explosions in the number of cars that are offered with the all-wheel drive. You need to have a basic understanding of how the all wheel drive works. For a vehicle to be equipped with the all-wheel drive, it will also contain the center differential. The center differential involves a set of gears which splits some powers from the transmission to the front and the rear axles.

The wheel sensors assist in the differential out, as it detects traction loss, the data points, and the wheel speed. Examples of how the components together are such as when you have been stopped on a snow road and you want to move. You will need to press down on the accelerator where the power will start flowing to the wheel. However, one motor can be spinning in the snow and does not gain any traction on the road. Therefore, that’s where the AWD plays its role. The sensor will detect the loss of traction where it starts feeding the computer of the vehicle with information. After that, the computers adjust that amount of power that moves to all the wheels. It thus spends more energy on the wheels that lead to better gripping for the car to get moving.

Types of All Wheel Drive:

  • Full-Time-Wheel-Drive:

There are various types of vehicles with AWD. Firstly, there’s the Full-Time-Wheel-Drive which will have systems defined in a way to ensure it is fully automated all the time and it requires no human input and in this case the driver. They have several advantages, for instance, the driver drives at peace nowhere needed to engage the Full-Wheel-Drive. It is also beneficial where you find that regardless of the situation of the road, either muddy or dusty, the Full-Time Four-Wheel will serve the best. More to this they help the vehicle advance at a faster rate especially in situations emergency where the driver in one way or the other tends to panic.

  • Part-Time Four-Wheel Drive:

Another type of All-wheel-Drive is the Part-Time four-wheel Drive. This type of drive requires the driver to change manually from the two-drive to the four-wheel drive. You will find the part-time four-wheel drive in pickups and heavy-duty trucks to enhance their efficiency and productivity. There are some of the vehicles which use part-time four wheels drives that is automated to perform just like the full-time system drive. Therefore this type of system tends to occur mostly in cars that get used in heavy duty. Now that they are human controlled apart from the few that are automated it is not easy for vehicles with this type of drive to get stuck in the mud. Therefore even in those difficult terrains, the Part-time four-wheel drives are best in such geographies.

All Wheel Drives performs better in comparison to other types of drives, especially in sloppy terrain. Bearing in mind that in All Wheel Drive power is distributed evenly on the vehicle implying that there’s greater stability in a car as compared to other drives.

Advantages of All Wheel Drive:

  • Resale Value of All Wheel Drives:

Vehicles with All Wheel Drive tend to have a high resale value as compared to the competitor’s two-wheeled drives. People who understand well how important it has a four-wheeled drive will always offer a better buying price in case the vehicle is on sale. However how expensive the four-wheeled drive may seem to value their productivity. The efficiency with which a given task gets done it makes one happy. All we need is quality survive.

There’s no need to travel in fear because of either rain or going to difficult terrains. Have a vehicle with All Wheel Drive, and you will have no troubles regardless of the weather changes. Sometimes we might be caught in darkness or daytime, but the showers of rains tend s to paralyze our movements. It is advisable to have an All Wheeled Drive, and you will never get immobile because of either terrain being muddy or muddy.

  • Peace of Mind:

It is vital to note that drivers or owners of various vehicles with All Wheel Drive will always have peace of mind when their cars are out for duty. Therefore, this is because they know that their cars will not get stuck either because of mud the topography being rough. One gets guaranteed that the car will go out of duty and get back without possible frustrations. Therefore if it’s a matter of purchase go for quality service and avoid stress while performing of responsibilities. There’s nothing failure like your journey to get cut short because of difficulties in terrain on mud places. A lot of time is spent trying to rescue the situation. By so doing a lot of time which could have been used in other useful agendas end up getting used while trying to save the case?

  • Efficient Duty Performance:

When going for All Wheel Drive expects efficient duty performance. They are heavy vehicles which are costumed in a way to ensure heavy-duty performance when required. Quality comes with a cost. Therefore don’t get scared if the prices of all wheeled drive seem high tentatively as compared to other drives. With the use of All Wheel Drive it is rare you get yourself into troubles because of either getting stuck or complexities of the terrain. With excellent performance expect a slightly high usage of fuel just because power comes from fuel so if the energy required at high rate prepare for high fuel consumption. However, this should not scare you. There’s no need to go for cheaper vehicles which consume less, but their performance is low. Get an All Wheel Drive and enjoy specific services at all times.

  • Efficient Duty Performance:

It is also vital to note that in All Wheel Drive because they perform duties with the minimal strain you will find that All Wheel Drives lasts longer. Consequently, the cost which could have gotten used to buying and replacing worn out part of the vehicle out of strenuous activities that money will go into savings. Buy All Wheel Drive and save money for other purposes. Spending hours, days or even weeks visiting mechanics is much time wastage. We all require durable products.

  • Low Maintenance Costs:

The maintenance costs of All Wheel Drive are low as compared to other types of wheels. However, this is because there are small cases of replacements of various parts. As discussed above All Wheel Drive performs the task with a lot of easiness, and therefore parts of the vehicles are intact. Other forms of drives when they to complete heavy-duty beyond their potential they will tend to break easily. Consequently, it is vital to get a vehicle that will last long, spend low on its maintenance and at the same time perform heavy duties excellently.

It is also safe driving using All Wheel Drive as compared to other forms drives. When it comes to negotiation of corners, they do it better where all wheels get well balanced with the specific power required. Therefore it is the best form of the drive (AWD) because it guarantees the safety of human life.

Disadvantages of All Wheel Drive:

  • The Cost:

The cost of the all-wheel drive is the significant disadvantages. The price of the drive train, as well as its equipment required to offer continuous and intermittent AWD, is crucial is more expensive. This will need the sensors and computers which will not be necessary for the two or four-wheel drive vehicles. The charges for these increases in the initial market value of the car. Another effect on the cost is that it affects the cost of repair.

Also, the AWD will consume a lot of fuel to power those extra wheels. The four-wheel drive is less fuel efficient than the two-wheel drive vehicles. This means that you will spend a lot of cash to purchase the fuel when using the AWD vehicles. The regular maintenance of the car is higher for the all wheel drive auto. Thus, unless you regularly experience the rough roads, ice, or other situations, you should not go for the AWD due to its higher cost.

  • Worse Gas Mileage:

In gnarl, the cars that have a two-wheel drive, thy unction better in gas mileage compared to the four-wheel drive. The all wheel drive car will have to spend power to its entire wheel; thus, it will require extra energy. The AWD cars are heavier; therefore, they will offer a worse gas mileage. The AWD drive system adds hundreds of pounds to the curb weight of the vehicle. The other bull will lead to a more effect of the fuel economy. This is because; the engine will have to work harder to move the more massive vehicle. This means that a lot of fuel will be used to drive the all-wheel-drive vehicle in the same distances as with the 2WD cars.

  • More Complex:

The AWD system is more complicated to use. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing the all-wheel cars, you should have in mind about its complexity. This can end up costing you more cash in the long term. When buying the AWD makes sure you have steered clear of all the features. This is necessary especially if you want to purchase the used car.

The Best All Wheel Drive Cars:

If your trips to the office are longer or you are experiencing roughly terrain, it’s crucial to have the all wheel drive car. These cars will make the commuting to look enjoyable. Here are the top all wheel cars you can consider if you want to purchase one.

  • Dodge Charger:

2016 Dodge Charger SXT AWD
Image by: Flickr

This is common to those in the market for sporty cars. This type of all-wheel drive car has a spacious cabin that is found in the 2014 to 2017 charger. This is about 16 cubic feet of the space of the trunk. It also has plenty of head and spacious room for the foot. About five passengers can seat in that car. With the newer 2017 charger, it has upgraded 8.4-inch touch screen standard feature. This feature comes with its navigation system as well as android integration.

  • Chrysler 200:

Chrysler 200 AWD
Image by: Wikimedia

This is best for those that need an AWD car that is more luxurious and upscale. It has V6 trims level that helps that beautiful boat features for instance lather upholster, an 8.4-inch touchscreen infotainment unit and a panoramic sunroof.

  • Mini Copper:

Mini Copper All Wheel Drive
Image by: Wikimedia

This type of car will make you stand out from the crowd. It has a unique design thus bursting with personality. Driving this type of vehicle is fun and enjoyable. The car has five seat passengers and amazing features for the passengers. Also, this car has a cargo space that allows you to carry your luggage.

  • Ford Taurus:

Ford Taurus Limited AWD
Image by: Flickr

This is a full-size sedan which boasts plenty of power and control behind its wheel. It has trim levels that are available with AWD optional. This type of all-wheel car has plenty of standard features, for example, the LED accent lights, rear parking sensors, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, and dual-zone climate control. The cars are quiet and have a smooth ride even when driving in rough road conditions.

  • Subaru Legacy:

Subaru Legacy AWD
Image by: Wikipedia

This type of all-wheel drive car comes standard with AWD in very of its three trim levels. This includes the limited, premium and sports. Also, it boasts an excellent smooth rod that makes enjoyable road trips. It has some standard features such as a power accessory, a rearview camera, touchscreen display, and Smartphone integration.


With the drawbacks and advantages of the all-wheel-drive backs, you can make the right decision. The great advice to you need to know when buying the all-wheel-drive cars are that you should look for one with necessary for you and suits your needs.


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