Have you ever faced that annoying situation when you have to reach somewhere urgently, but your car won’t start? It is frustrating that you are just sitting there turning the keys, but nothing happens. No matter how much you try but your car won’t start. Nearly all car owners have faced this situation once. However, there are numerous reasons why your car won’t start. There are many reasons which make your car stop working. However, fret not, because for every problem there is a solution. You can always take the help of your local car mechanic, and he will help you in understanding why your car won’t start. Moreover, once you know the issue you can get it fixed and ensure that your car works appropriately from now onwards.

* Why your Car won’t start?

To make sure that your car keeps on working properly you must trace why your car won’t start in first place. There are more than a few factors that can hinder the proper working of your vehicle.

Here are some of the common explanations of why your car won’t start:

1.  Dead Battery:

Dead Battery Cause Car Won’t Start
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A dead battery is probably the most common issue because of which usually your car won’t start. The battery is the power provider of the vehicle, and if it’s not working correctly it won’t supply current, and your car won’t start, and sometimes car clicks but won’t start. There are many reasons why your battery isn’t working properly.

Here are some ideas due to which your battery can die, and your car won’t start:
  • If by any chance you left your headlights on overnight or for an extended period.
  • The lifetime of the battery is over.
  • Maybe the wiring of your battery is loose.
  • Maybe the electrolyte of your battery has evaporated.

However, sometimes it happens that your car won’t start but the battery is good, this is an indication that the reason because of which your car won’t start is not your battery.

2.  Clogged Fuel Filter:

Clogged Fuel Filter
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Another reason because of which your car won’t start might be your car’s clogged fuel filter. If your car cranks but won’t start then most probably the gasoline is not reaching the engine. The underlying cause behind this might be a clogged fuel filter. Usually, fuel filters need changing after every 15,000 to 20,000 km. Therefore, it is advisable that if your car doesn’t start clicking, then you should get your filters checked. Car experts usually advise that for avoiding this problem you should regularly change your fuel filter.

3.  Empty Fuel Tank:

Empty Fuel Tank
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Probably this is the silliest mistake you can make due to which your car won’t start. However, this is the most common mistake people make. When your vehicle is in continuous use, it’s easy to forget about your car’s fuel tank. The answer to this problem is relatively simple,i.e., get your fuel tank refilled. However, here the question arises how to know that the reason behind why your car won’t start is an empty fuel tank. The answer to this issue is simple,i.e., if your car won’t start, but lights come on or if your car clicks but won’t start then the problem is probably an empty fuel tank.

4.  Faulty Starter:

Another reason because of which your car won’t start can be a defective starter as well. A starter is a device that is an electric motor connected to the battery who’s role is to set the piston, crankshaft, other parts of the engine in action when you turn on the ignition switch. Moreover, once your car starts its work is over. Sometimes the car turns over but won’t start, or the car won’t start clicking noise, or maybe the car won’t start clicks just making noise or sometimes your car won’t begin to no sound is heard. If these are the indications, then the problem is clear that maybe your starter is not working correctly. In this situation, you have to take your car to a professional mechanic.

5.  Problematic Ignition Switch:

 Problematic Ignition Switch
Image by: Pexels

The ignition switch is crucial for the starting of your car, and if it is not working correctly, then there are chances that your car won’t start. Sometimes it happens that your car turns over but won’t start it is an indication that ignition switch is not working correctly, but the problem is at initial stages. No matter whichever is the case but with a defective ignition switch your car won’t start and for tackling this problem you have to take your car to a garage.

6.  Overheating:

Sometimes due to overheating a car won’t start. Generally, this happens when you stuck in some traffic jam, or the fan isn’t working correctly. No matter whatever the reason is overheating can be the reason why the car won’t start.

* Consolation:

These are some of the complications that can be the reason why the car won’t start. We hope that you never undergo such a situation but if by any chance you have to face it then do remember to check all the problems mentioned above as they can help you in diagnosing your car’s problem. On the other hand, we propose that you should often get your vehicle inspected, so you don’t have to face such a scenario. Moreover, it is always wise to save your mechanic’s number in your cell phones so in case of an emergency you can call him for help.

We hope that this article will help you in understanding the working of your car more correctly and for more such informative posts regarding vehicles, please visit Autos Geek.


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