I am a clean freak when it comes to my car. I cannot stand driving around in a car that looks like it has been through a muddy field, or has a smelly car interior that is reminiscent of something disgusting that I’d rather not mention on this blog post!

Tips To Clean Smelly Car Interior

While there are plenty of drive-through car washes that you can take your car to when it needs a wash, the interior must be cleaned manually. Are you somewhat lax at keeping your car interior clean and smelling nice? This blog post will arm you with the information you need to transform your smelly car interior into something sweet-smelling!

Empty Your Rubbish:

Even the cleanest of car drivers will leave behind some rubbish in their cars, unknowingly or otherwise. The first step to attacking your car’s smelly car interior is to remove any rubbish lying around. Be sure to check underneath the front seats, in the door pockets, on the floor, and the rear seats. You would be surprised by the amount of rubbish that is unearthed!

I recommend putting on some disposable gloves before carrying out that task as you will doubtless come across remnants of food that you would rather not be touching, especially if those remnants have a bacterial culture growing on them!

Vacuum Your Interior:

Vacuum smelly car Interior
Image by: Pixabay

Once the bulk of your car’s smelly rubbish has been disposed of, the next step is to get your household vacuum cleaner out and let it loose on your car’s interior! You will need to vacuum the carpets, seats, door pockets, and dashboard; in fact, anywhere you can see dust or food particles.

Most vacuum cleaners come with an array of nozzle attachments so that you can gain access to hard-to-reach areas, such as the gaps between trim panels or down the sides of your seats.

Clean Your Seats and Trim Panels:

Clean Your Seats and Trim Panels
Image by: Pikist

You are about 50% of the way now! The next stage is to clean any stains in your carpets, seats, and trim panels using appropriate cleaning materials. One top tip is to use a soft toothbrush on areas that are hard to reach with your cleaning cloths, such as the panel gaps that I mentioned a moment ago.

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Get an Air Conditioning Service:

At this point, your car’s interior is virtually clean now. The air conditioning technicians will top up the refrigerant that your air conditioning system uses. They will also spray an additive into your cooling system to kill any bacteria build-up inside the air vents.

If you wonder why your car smells like wet and heavily-used socks after you turn the air conditioning system, this is because of the bacteria! If possible, you should consider running the heating inside the car for a minute before you turn the engine off to dry the air vents out and help prevent the spread of bacteria.


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